Tuesday, December 20, 2011

No Love And No Apologies

The producers of Love and Hip Hop better find newer and more worthwhile subject matter for our ladies because 'Mob Wives' is coming back to us on New Year's Day, and I think I've pretty much got Chrissy and her crew all summed up for the rest of the season. Jim Jones' mother, Nancy, is rocking her "Psychotic B!#@h" t-shirts every where she goes. I'm not going to knock her drive to turn a vulgar insult into a money-making marketing gimmick. (If Evelyn can do it on the back of Tami Roman's pain, then hey -- why not?) Meanwhile Olivia's storyline remains the same, the only thing that changes is her atmosphere. She's cried in the car, she's cried in a restaurant, she's cried in the opening segment, she's cried as the credits rolled at the end of the show. This week, we can find both Olivia and her "super-producer", Rich, crying on a foot bridge. It's ironic to me that she is on a reality television show, and yet has no sense of reality. The state of the music industry has changed so much, even since the days of her limited stardom. No one wants to be told to let go of their dream, but her trying to be an A-List singer is like Kimbella trying to get an apology from Chrissy for smashing her in the face with her fist... it's not going to happen! Meanwhile, everyone wants an apology from Chrissy this week, it seems. Kimbella tries and fails (hey Chrissy, whining never gets anyone very far with me either). Then you have Yandi, who I must say is turning out to be one the more annoying characters on the show, pressing Chrissy for an apology for her sour attitude towards her and the work she does for Chrissy's husb--, I mean, baby dadd--, I mean boyfriend, Jimmie. Yandi is shot down also, but Chrissy agrees to treat her a little more nicely. Emily beams proudly as she dishes to the girls that ever since she moved out, her ex-man, Fab, has been a knight in shining armour, the man of her dreams. She's thirty years old and acts like a teenager getting attention from a boy for the first time: "he likes me, he really likes me!" Note to Emily: he's keeping you at bay for his personal benefit, my dear, and you are doing nothing but settling for less. Somaya was a no-show for this episode, but Tierra Marie seems to be a mainstay. Next week, we're being introduced to yet another model (and her breasts). I'm starting to ask myself, in which direction is this show really trying to go? Where is the love, where is the hip hop? Then I realized, with the introduction of all these new characters (wild, so-called models whose only storyline consists of who they slept with or who they fought with), VH1 must obviously asking itself the exact the same thing.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Beauty and The Beast

First of all, shame on MTV for continuing to film Jenelle Evans and her mother screaming, cussing and fighting week after week. Whatever the reason may be, there is no excuse for it to take place in the presence of Jenelle's son, Jace. Jenelle risks being kicked out of her mother's house to be with her boyfriend, Kiefer. She clings to him so tightly as if she feels he is the only one who makes her feel loved or wanted. Of course, she could have that same feeling from her baby, but that is not the same as love from a man who wants and needs you and can also lay up and get high with you as well. Jace has his grandmother, she is his primary care taker, so Jenelle turns to Kiefer to fill the empty void. In this episode, Jenelle and Kiefer are sleeping in her car, homeless and hopeless, you can almost smell them through the TV screen. I respect Jenelle for putting her foot down with Kiefer when it comes to his drinking. She doesn't like it, it brings her back to a bad place with a former boyfriend and Kiefer should understand that and change some of his ways. But being that he is drinking Bacardi straight out of the bottle, this may be a problem that Jenelle can't fix on her own. She becomes enraged, she throws punches at him, she hurls random objects from her friend's car at him as well. She lunges at him and attacks him, but being that he is bigger and stronger, he merely restrains her and fends her off easily. He picks her up and shoves her into the car, slamming the door. He then tried to console her, holding her and trying to calm her down but she starts shrieking and yelling for him to get off of her. Insert MTV's infamous PSA here: "If you know anyone who is a victim of domestic violence..." Next week Jenelle is seen trying to press charges against Kiefer for the incident, but her local police department needs to roll back the videotape and take a good look at who hit who first. Kiefer never hit Jenelle, he did the best he could to hold her back and get her off of him without hurting her and that was under the influence of alcohol. What makes girls like Jenelle and Teen Mom 1 star, Amber, think they can throw blows at their boyfriends' and get away with it? If anyone was a victim of domestic violence in this situation, it was actually Kiefer.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

19 Kids and Filming

Only in America can one woman be vilified, written off, and scorned for having 8 babies at once, while one mother is lifted up, complimented and given a reality show for popping out 19 kids year after year, even when her health and the lives of her children are obviously at stake. OctoMom can barely pay her mortgage, but the world is obsessed with a woman named Kate and her brood of eight.  We want to know her latest hairstyle and who her ex-husband is dating. (And she didn't even have all eight of her kids at once.) I don't know what it took for TLC to finally cancel her show, but it wasn't too much longer after that when she did an interview saying she didn't know how she would pay her bills. Hey, Kate, try giving Nadya Suleman a call, you guys have a lot in common. But back to Michelle Duggar, of '19 Kids and Counting' fame. Her last pregnancy resulted in a premature birth, and most recently, after announcing she was pregnant once again, she miscarried at 19 weeks. As sad as that news may be, it will be turned into a great opportunity for the producers to film the loss and then use it in their season premier advertising. Michelle Duggar is 45 years old and claims she will have as many babies as God allows. But don't bring God into this. If you're not using any birth control, and your body is able, you will get pregnant. You will get pregnant 19 times and have 19 babies, and you will get your own reality TV show as a reward for doing God's bidding, I guess. A miscarriage has to be one of the most tragic and terrifying things a woman can experience, and for that , my thoughts go out to the Duggar family. I am not in judgment of their marriage or their faith, but they chose to film their lives for the world to see and shove their story in my face as they appear on the covers of magazines and news interviews. Michelle Duggar is well aware that every time she gets pregnant, she's preserving her brand. Should the nation now turn its back on her for breeding "unnecessarily", expanding her family at any cost? Should we shake our fingers and our heads at her for having so many babies, as we have the OctoMom? Remember this: "How dare she have so many children when she had eight already? when she can't even afford it?" Should we now ask, how dare Michelle Duggar continue to have children when she has 19 already and is almost 50 years of age? Now don't you tell me it's none of my business. It must be my business, otherwise Michelle Duggar wouldn't be releasing statements to the press and giving me all the details. (Funeral information and the baby's name will be announced in the near future. Stay tuned.)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Prop and the Propaganda

After multiple allegations of sexual harassment, improper conduct and a 13 year affair, popular Republican front-runner for president Herman Cain has suspended his campaign. Raise your hand if you're surprised, I certainly am not. Don't get me wrong, I never saw the list of women coming forward once a week telling their tales of thigh rubbing and hotel hopping, (like soft-porn for cable news) I did, however, see Herman Cain going away just as quickly as he emerged. He was soaring above the rest, Mitt Romney and the bunch, and the media almost nearly crowned him king. They did all but mention the black-on-black factor, but it was looming on the tips of their tongues. Obama versus Cain, how delicious would that have been? There were Republicans from every corner who came out to support him and his "9-9-9" plan for our economic future. Could it be that he was their "One"? The other side's "Messiah", perhaps? It mattered not that he had no thoughts on foreign policy or that his tax proposal was starting to be picked apart by the naysayers. It was a plus that he was fresh faced and far from the usual shadiness of serial politicians whose names and faces some of us have grown to become sick of. He was a smart, well spoken, self-made black man and he was coming for Barry. He was confident and daring, a super power in his own right and without a lick of world knowledge or a spot of political experience, he would rule the free world. Enter the small gang of women that Tiger Woods would merely scoff at. They came, they saw, they conquered. They said he groped them, accosted them and used his powerful position to provoke them. The latest accuser said, although she knew he was married and that she was in the wrong, she carried on a lengthy affair with him (and has the phone records and text messages to prove it.) She would be the nail to seal Herman Cain's coffin. It was just a few days later when he "suspended his campaign", never admitting to anything, but stating that the allegations were too much of a burden on his family. I have to wonder why a man would try to run for president knowing there was a possibility these things would happen. Did he forget that he touched a thigh back in the days once or twice? Did it slip his mind that he had been making phone calls and exchanging text messages with a mistress for more than a decade? I almost want to think that maybe these things are not true, otherwise why would a man subject himself, his wife, or his family to this unforgiving onslaught? It would take a confident and daring man, a super power in his own right, would it not? But alas, I get to lick my chops no more, Herman Cain is gone now and Newt Gingrich has taken the lead. We can all return to our regularly scheduled programming.