Friday, September 28, 2012

Unbelievable Tragedy

The details are still so unclear, and I feel bad for this family, I really do, but some things are worth talking about, even if it's prematurely. I just want to dig a little deeper, as I'm sure the police are doing as we speak. The most I know is this: a woman suspects there is someone breaking into her home, or at least attempting to. She doesn't call 911, she calls her brother who lives next door. He shows up with a gun, confronts the "intruder" who allegedly brandishes a knife towards the man. The man feels threatened and shoots, multiple times, killing the would-be burglar only to find out this criminal, this home invader was his own adopted son. What? How did this happen and why?

This took place at 1:30 in the morning. Why didn't Dad know his son was out of the house? And why was the son allegedly trying to break into his own aunt's house? According to police reports he was dressed in all black and even donned a ski mask at the time of his death. Shot several times, including once in the head, the boy lay dead in the driveway, his identity unknown until the ski mask was removed . It was only then that his father realized what he had done. He had killed his own son. I wonder if the police were called before this man pulled his trigger. Were they en route? I can't stop asking myself how. How did this happen? What a horrible way to lose a son. At 15 years old, even if he was troubled (not saying that he was), he still had plenty of life to live and get it right.

Should his father be charged? Or is living with the fact that he took the life of one of his own punishment enough for the rest of his life?

At this time, no charges have been filed.