Thursday, January 26, 2012

End Scene!

Teen Mom is one of many shows on television that should have been a one season experiment, a documentary-style look into the lives of young mothers and their triumphs and struggles as they raise their babies over the first year of their life. And then the people at MTV should have moved on and explored another subject, (similar to their True Life series). Watching some of these girls self destruct for the whole world to see is starting to feel disturbing and just plain wrong. I know it's been a bevvy of controversy since the day it first aired, but back then I saw the vision and understood there could be a need for this type of content to air; a young girl out there might learn from it, another might make a choice to never be in these girls' positions, it could have even acted as a guide to parents bringing up an often ignored and uncomfortable topic. But what started off as 16 and Pregnant and has now blossomed into Teen Mom has become a misrepresentation of what the real world is all about. The focus has become less on pregnancy prevention and the importance of finishing school and more about the dysfunction and what I think are unrealistic examples of what the life of a teen mother may become. It seems every time these girls snap their fingers, they're driving a new car, renting a new house, and starting a new job. God knows life just ain't that easy. While it may have been a good idea to use this show to deter young impressionable women from having sex and making poor choices, it's becoming apparent that the folks at MTV have gone down the same path that leads to the Real World and Jersey Shore (without the red cups and distasteful sex scenes). But as with any series that may make you shake your head and pray for our future, there will be a lot more where it came from as long as we the people keep watching. Carry on, MTV...

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