Friday, January 6, 2012

See No More Evil

Jaycee Duggard, kidnapped, raped, abused and held captive for 18 years, only to return to her family who never lost hope. A full grown woman, a mother, a child who never grew up but was subject to such grown up things. Stephanie Mack, wife to Bernie Madoff's son, Mark, who after all the press and pressure of being the prodigy of the most hated man in America, committed suicide while his young son slept in the next room, leaving his wife to forever live in the menacing shadows of hatred and the inability to forgive. Diena Thompson, mother of Somer Thompson, the Florida girl who at age 7 was snatched while walking home from school, then sexually assaulted and dumped in a landfill like trash. These are the women Americas needs to hear from and should give a voice to. These are true victims who have a story to tell, who may change the world one person at a time, who can possibly prevent children from being kidnapped or murdered. They deserve a platform, an opportunity to say whatever is on their minds. They are the ones who should be given laptops and cameras to record their thoughts and then publish them to the masses.

And then there's Casey Anthony. It's been six months since the young Florida mother has been acquitted of killing her daughter, Caylee, a case and trial we have all come to know in one way or another. After being virtually unseen and unheard since her infamous exoneration, videos and photos are beginning to surface and circulate showing Casey Anthony with a new look and uplifted spirits. She is beaming about acquiring new electronics and elated to finally have something of her own. She talks of her future and the prospect of better days to come. And the media goes insane. They have a field day with the footage. They want to analyze where she was broadcasting from, her lawyers are back on TV, and the trial of the decade has come back to the forefront. According to Ms. Anthony's lawyers, they have no idea how the "video diary" became available and are speculating that her brand new laptop was somehow hacked and the footage leaked to the public against her will. Whether she was hacked, and her personal diaries leaked, whether she posted the video herself, it could all be a conspiracy to get her in line for an interview, a book deal, or a movie even. I don't like it and I wonder when the rest of the world is going to open their eyes and realize that her time should be up. A woman who, although she is free and under the law can never again be prosecuted for killing her child, obviously had something to do with it. She hid Caylee from her parents, she partied and got tattooed, she dodged everyone's questions about where her little girl was, and the common theme throughout it all: she lied! And she never stopped lying. She lied even when there was no reason to and then she lied some more. Why would anyone want to hear anything this mythomaniac has to say?

Let her release a million videos, we should all turn our heads and cork our ears. Even those who are the least bit interested in what she has to say should know that they will never get the truth, therefore, listening in on her "private" thoughts would be for naught! She fabricated the events surrounding the death of her 2 year old daughter, that's where my arousal rests. The networks should run as fast as they possibly can in the other direction and focus on women who have positive, constructive stories to tell, triumphant women who fight for freedom and for the truth. That way, Miss Casey Anthony will no longer be able to lie to the world, the only one left to listen and be amused then, would be no one but herself.

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