Saturday, December 10, 2011

19 Kids and Filming

Only in America can one woman be vilified, written off, and scorned for having 8 babies at once, while one mother is lifted up, complimented and given a reality show for popping out 19 kids year after year, even when her health and the lives of her children are obviously at stake. OctoMom can barely pay her mortgage, but the world is obsessed with a woman named Kate and her brood of eight.  We want to know her latest hairstyle and who her ex-husband is dating. (And she didn't even have all eight of her kids at once.) I don't know what it took for TLC to finally cancel her show, but it wasn't too much longer after that when she did an interview saying she didn't know how she would pay her bills. Hey, Kate, try giving Nadya Suleman a call, you guys have a lot in common. But back to Michelle Duggar, of '19 Kids and Counting' fame. Her last pregnancy resulted in a premature birth, and most recently, after announcing she was pregnant once again, she miscarried at 19 weeks. As sad as that news may be, it will be turned into a great opportunity for the producers to film the loss and then use it in their season premier advertising. Michelle Duggar is 45 years old and claims she will have as many babies as God allows. But don't bring God into this. If you're not using any birth control, and your body is able, you will get pregnant. You will get pregnant 19 times and have 19 babies, and you will get your own reality TV show as a reward for doing God's bidding, I guess. A miscarriage has to be one of the most tragic and terrifying things a woman can experience, and for that , my thoughts go out to the Duggar family. I am not in judgment of their marriage or their faith, but they chose to film their lives for the world to see and shove their story in my face as they appear on the covers of magazines and news interviews. Michelle Duggar is well aware that every time she gets pregnant, she's preserving her brand. Should the nation now turn its back on her for breeding "unnecessarily", expanding her family at any cost? Should we shake our fingers and our heads at her for having so many babies, as we have the OctoMom? Remember this: "How dare she have so many children when she had eight already? when she can't even afford it?" Should we now ask, how dare Michelle Duggar continue to have children when she has 19 already and is almost 50 years of age? Now don't you tell me it's none of my business. It must be my business, otherwise Michelle Duggar wouldn't be releasing statements to the press and giving me all the details. (Funeral information and the baby's name will be announced in the near future. Stay tuned.)


  1. Since nobody cares, I'll throw you a bone. You sad thing. Ok, so by your account 99% of the world is wrong for finding Octomom to be 1 of the most repulsive humans on the planet? Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT a fan of Kate & I believe if Mrs. Duggar's older kids weren't doing most of the housework & caring for HER kids,she would only have had 6 to 10 kids...there is something endearing about her..But Octomom, I cannot think of 1 nice thing to say. Even the few old ladies who defend her will always admit she's "unstable" Let's start there...An unstable woman who's worked maybe 2 or 3 years her ENTIRE 36 years gets "injured" at work. While it didn't amount to more than bruising, she hatches a plan..While getting disability payments, this rocket scientist decides to start getting IVF at the cost of $10,000 a pop. So while claiming to be totally disabled to the tune of OVER $300,000 paid in cash & "medical"...she starts making babies. 1,2,3,4,5 & 6 of them. How on earth are they surviving with their crippled mommy, who's been pragnant for 6 or 8 years you ask? Well, WELFARE OF COURSE! Oh & her old mom who had to take them in...So what does this brain surgeon do next? Go for 1 (right,,)more. She has not 1-3 but TWELVE FRESH EMBROYS put in her! To the thinking population, it would seem as if she had the intent to do exactly what she did..have the most babies ever to be rich & famous like her nemesis Kate! Well, to use her own words, "It worked out perfectly". She got millions off the backs of those babies, MILLIONS so she's broke now...& has nothing to show for it EXCEPT a complete face & body transformation! Really, you hate the Duggars who pay their own way through life & you feel sorry for Octomom? Wow, shame on you. You really crossed a line bringing the dead baby up. That's 1 thing I've noticed about those handful of Octomom're just as evil & stupid as she is...apparently.

  2. Thank you for your reply. I never once said I hated the Duggars. I realize the reason why they are given more opportunity in the reality TV world, it's because they are a married couple who do indeed take care of themselves. But why not change the game and give Ms. Suleman an opportunity to make some money so she can do the same? If Snooki can gross all those millions every year getting drunk and arrested, then why not? I brought up Michelle's miscarriage (dead baby is a poor choice of words, I think) for the obvious medical reasons. She'll probably never have another full-term birth. She just might kill herself with the next one. Ask any doctor and they'll agree, nothing evil or stupid about that.