Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Beauty and The Beast

First of all, shame on MTV for continuing to film Jenelle Evans and her mother screaming, cussing and fighting week after week. Whatever the reason may be, there is no excuse for it to take place in the presence of Jenelle's son, Jace. Jenelle risks being kicked out of her mother's house to be with her boyfriend, Kiefer. She clings to him so tightly as if she feels he is the only one who makes her feel loved or wanted. Of course, she could have that same feeling from her baby, but that is not the same as love from a man who wants and needs you and can also lay up and get high with you as well. Jace has his grandmother, she is his primary care taker, so Jenelle turns to Kiefer to fill the empty void. In this episode, Jenelle and Kiefer are sleeping in her car, homeless and hopeless, you can almost smell them through the TV screen. I respect Jenelle for putting her foot down with Kiefer when it comes to his drinking. She doesn't like it, it brings her back to a bad place with a former boyfriend and Kiefer should understand that and change some of his ways. But being that he is drinking Bacardi straight out of the bottle, this may be a problem that Jenelle can't fix on her own. She becomes enraged, she throws punches at him, she hurls random objects from her friend's car at him as well. She lunges at him and attacks him, but being that he is bigger and stronger, he merely restrains her and fends her off easily. He picks her up and shoves her into the car, slamming the door. He then tried to console her, holding her and trying to calm her down but she starts shrieking and yelling for him to get off of her. Insert MTV's infamous PSA here: "If you know anyone who is a victim of domestic violence..." Next week Jenelle is seen trying to press charges against Kiefer for the incident, but her local police department needs to roll back the videotape and take a good look at who hit who first. Kiefer never hit Jenelle, he did the best he could to hold her back and get her off of him without hurting her and that was under the influence of alcohol. What makes girls like Jenelle and Teen Mom 1 star, Amber, think they can throw blows at their boyfriends' and get away with it? If anyone was a victim of domestic violence in this situation, it was actually Kiefer.

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