Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Prop and the Propaganda

After multiple allegations of sexual harassment, improper conduct and a 13 year affair, popular Republican front-runner for president Herman Cain has suspended his campaign. Raise your hand if you're surprised, I certainly am not. Don't get me wrong, I never saw the list of women coming forward once a week telling their tales of thigh rubbing and hotel hopping, (like soft-porn for cable news) I did, however, see Herman Cain going away just as quickly as he emerged. He was soaring above the rest, Mitt Romney and the bunch, and the media almost nearly crowned him king. They did all but mention the black-on-black factor, but it was looming on the tips of their tongues. Obama versus Cain, how delicious would that have been? There were Republicans from every corner who came out to support him and his "9-9-9" plan for our economic future. Could it be that he was their "One"? The other side's "Messiah", perhaps? It mattered not that he had no thoughts on foreign policy or that his tax proposal was starting to be picked apart by the naysayers. It was a plus that he was fresh faced and far from the usual shadiness of serial politicians whose names and faces some of us have grown to become sick of. He was a smart, well spoken, self-made black man and he was coming for Barry. He was confident and daring, a super power in his own right and without a lick of world knowledge or a spot of political experience, he would rule the free world. Enter the small gang of women that Tiger Woods would merely scoff at. They came, they saw, they conquered. They said he groped them, accosted them and used his powerful position to provoke them. The latest accuser said, although she knew he was married and that she was in the wrong, she carried on a lengthy affair with him (and has the phone records and text messages to prove it.) She would be the nail to seal Herman Cain's coffin. It was just a few days later when he "suspended his campaign", never admitting to anything, but stating that the allegations were too much of a burden on his family. I have to wonder why a man would try to run for president knowing there was a possibility these things would happen. Did he forget that he touched a thigh back in the days once or twice? Did it slip his mind that he had been making phone calls and exchanging text messages with a mistress for more than a decade? I almost want to think that maybe these things are not true, otherwise why would a man subject himself, his wife, or his family to this unforgiving onslaught? It would take a confident and daring man, a super power in his own right, would it not? But alas, I get to lick my chops no more, Herman Cain is gone now and Newt Gingrich has taken the lead. We can all return to our regularly scheduled programming.

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