Tuesday, December 20, 2011

No Love And No Apologies

The producers of Love and Hip Hop better find newer and more worthwhile subject matter for our ladies because 'Mob Wives' is coming back to us on New Year's Day, and I think I've pretty much got Chrissy and her crew all summed up for the rest of the season. Jim Jones' mother, Nancy, is rocking her "Psychotic B!#@h" t-shirts every where she goes. I'm not going to knock her drive to turn a vulgar insult into a money-making marketing gimmick. (If Evelyn can do it on the back of Tami Roman's pain, then hey -- why not?) Meanwhile Olivia's storyline remains the same, the only thing that changes is her atmosphere. She's cried in the car, she's cried in a restaurant, she's cried in the opening segment, she's cried as the credits rolled at the end of the show. This week, we can find both Olivia and her "super-producer", Rich, crying on a foot bridge. It's ironic to me that she is on a reality television show, and yet has no sense of reality. The state of the music industry has changed so much, even since the days of her limited stardom. No one wants to be told to let go of their dream, but her trying to be an A-List singer is like Kimbella trying to get an apology from Chrissy for smashing her in the face with her fist... it's not going to happen! Meanwhile, everyone wants an apology from Chrissy this week, it seems. Kimbella tries and fails (hey Chrissy, whining never gets anyone very far with me either). Then you have Yandi, who I must say is turning out to be one the more annoying characters on the show, pressing Chrissy for an apology for her sour attitude towards her and the work she does for Chrissy's husb--, I mean, baby dadd--, I mean boyfriend, Jimmie. Yandi is shot down also, but Chrissy agrees to treat her a little more nicely. Emily beams proudly as she dishes to the girls that ever since she moved out, her ex-man, Fab, has been a knight in shining armour, the man of her dreams. She's thirty years old and acts like a teenager getting attention from a boy for the first time: "he likes me, he really likes me!" Note to Emily: he's keeping you at bay for his personal benefit, my dear, and you are doing nothing but settling for less. Somaya was a no-show for this episode, but Tierra Marie seems to be a mainstay. Next week, we're being introduced to yet another model (and her breasts). I'm starting to ask myself, in which direction is this show really trying to go? Where is the love, where is the hip hop? Then I realized, with the introduction of all these new characters (wild, so-called models whose only storyline consists of who they slept with or who they fought with), VH1 must obviously asking itself the exact the same thing.

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