Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back to Basics

The "Wives" are back in Miami and all is well. Evelyn is celebrating her daughter's high school graduation with her fiance, Chad Ochocinco, and her closest family members. This is a proud and emotional time, it's always nice to see the softer side of a woman who comes across so stone-faced and cold. Royce meets with Eric to discuss his movie. (Pause.) She seems to see this as a legitimate opportunity to further her acting career and isn't the least bit concerned about Jennifer's feelings. You know it doesn't take long for Suzie and Royce to get together. They go pet store browsing and the two stand at the same rack of dog leashes for what feels like an hour so Suzie can get the scoop. The fur hadn't even settled on Suzie's puppy's back and it's yet another random outing. Suzie is now shopping for hair products with Jennifer to fill her in on the Royce and Eric encounter even thought Royce made it clear that she was willing to inform Jennifer of her dealings herself. Suzie is the leakiest faucet I ever came across and I'm just glad I don't know her in real life. Her whole life (as shown on this show) revolves around carrying gossip back and forth, the he-said/she-said really makes her come alive. Without the rumours and the scandal, Suzie would be a worthless waste. After a brief chat with Tami, Jennifer agrees to meet with Royce, but at the last minute decides it's a "lost cause" and chooses to stand her up. Royce shrugs it off and deems the act immature. Meanwhile, Jennifer dates a beefy hunk and seems to be enjoying her new venture while Ochocinco treats Evelyn to a romantic dinner on the beach.  Scenes for next week are disturbing to say the least as Eric violently throws a drink directly into Jennifer's face. No matter how poorly I may think these ladies conduct themselves, I can say for sure she couldn't have done anything to deserve that. See you then...


  1. Thanks for the nice blog! I watch this show from time to time but often cringe at the way alot of the women act. When will they learn to keep certain opinions and comments to themselves. Poor Suzie is so afraid to stand on her on or rock the boat that she is coming off as "Messy" and def has diarrhea of the mouth causing more harm than good. Eveyln, yes it was nice of her to show emotion, but I felt nothing for her being that she is usually only pretty on the outside. I dont believe in her relationship with Chad at all. Jen is not my fav. I like Royce the most for her being herself. Tami is ok, but needs to keep her hands to herself, and Meeka needs to protect herself.

  2. All these girls are a sad stereotype and are way too old to be acting the way they do!