Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pop! Goes the Pink Bubblegum

Now this is mostly a reality TV blog, but who says I can't take a break from the madness of that world and step into the bright pink pop sounds of another? Having been recently introduced to the musical technique of Pink Bubblegum and its lead singer, Ava-Mae (that's @avamaecurah), I have to admit I understood the concept and I bought what they were selling. Listening to the music and watching the videos is like packing your bags and moving into a Barbie dream house or being lost in a never ending aisle of pink baby dolls and lace at Toys R Us. It is a movement. And I was truly transported. Ava-Mae is Punky Brewster and Strawberry Shortcake, she's Jamaican born and still all-American pie. The total idea of "pop" lives in this band's work and I'm more than happy to pass some sunshine along your way, where it's fun to jump up and down like a teenager in love and it's always hot pink in the shade.

Get to know Pink Bubblegum at their website

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