Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cuz I'm Bored, Cuz I Want To, Cuz I Can!

Teen Mom is blowing my mind this week. Where do I start? I suppose I should go with the biggest bombshell of the night, Maci wants to have a baby with Kyle. To quote her all-too-calm mother, is she out of her mind? Kyle was most obviously not too thrilled with the idea, maybe somewhat flattered, but not over the moon about it. Maci sees how Kyle has adapted to taking care of her son, Bentley and his patience with him is sure to be the fuel behind this wild fire, but Maci's thought process is young and illogical. She barely wants to go to school and Kyle isn't even working. Nevermind the fact that they aren't married. Not that I'm the uber old-fashioned type, but it would be nice if, in this day and age, young people actually saw marriage before sex and children as an actual way of life and not some Biblical fantasy. Maci has no problem telling her mother and her friends that, at 19, she's ready for a second child. She tells Kyle she wants to give him a child of his own, she tells her mother that whenever Bentley is with his father, she's bored and a baby will keep her busy. How about taking your behind to school and actually finishing a semester? That will you keep your mind engaged. Alas, we have Farrah. Follow her on her journey to none other than Los Angeles, to meet up with a realtor to look at houses. Boy, it must be nice: to hop a plane to California for the weekend, to look at houses in a place you've never lived with no job and no family and an associate's degree. And they say this show was to highlight the "struggle" of being a teenaged parent? The life seems pretty damned grand to me! She's looking at houses that are $2000 a month in rent and frowning her nose down at them at that. Those checks that MTV doles out every season must be worth quite the pretty penny. I'm just saying. I don't want this to turn into a never ending rant, but then we have Amber and her fake relationship with her daughter, Leah. After fixing up this modern and quite upscale $600 a month single family house that she found with yes-- a realtor, because everyone shops around for apartments to rent with a realtor, Amber is happy to tell anyone who will listen that she is ecstatic to be getting her baby back. But I can't help to remember the days when a frustrated and angry Amber used to put a screaming Leah in her crib with a bottle and shut out her crying by shutting the door. She would then plop herself on that infamous mattress on the floor and sulk and pout and blame Gary for her life. I suppose these new digs will improve her mother's instinct (or lack thereof)? Amber laughs and plays with Leah, rolling on the floor with her and tickling her tummy, but for some reason, it does not come across as genuine. It almost has a Casey Anthony feel to it. (And if you've ever seen the video of Casey laying on the floor and laughing with her daughter, Caylee, you'll know what I mean.) I am in no way insinuating that Amber is going to harm her child in any way as Casey did... I'm just calling it like I see it, and I wonder how long it will be before Amber's ready to lock the door on her daughter once again. Lastly, what was Tyler's mother thinking, calling the adoptive parents of her son's baby, Carly, and requesting that she be at Tyler and Catelynn's graduation? She didn't even give the couple a chance to ask in their own way. They don't call those people, so who gave her the right to do so? Talk about over-stepping boundaries. Now Tyler and Catelynn must find a way to fix it so that hopefully their baby girl will be able to witness them walk across the stage and get the diplomas they are so proud to be receiving.


  1. Ok dying about the line with Maci telling her to go to school and then she will have something to do. So glad everyone she told said she was nuts, including her friends instead of them thinking it would be cute. Amber went on a date the first night her daughter got home. Guess she really missed her, huh? Did you notice when the cps worker dropped Leah off she just dropped her at the door and didn't go in and check out the apartment? No words for Farrah right mow. Catelynn and Tyler are the only parents with sense on this show.

  2. I agree with u about Tyler and Catelynn 100%.