Monday, August 22, 2011

Liberating Libya

After over 40 years of being ruled by a text book "evil dictator", the people of Libya decided they have had enough. They are taking to the streets like the rebels they are, hungry for freedom and starving for a fight. Just last week President Obama called for Mo'Ammar Gadhafi to "step down" and I remember thinking, it's not our place to say so. Various world leaders have often encouraged if not demanded wanna-be revolutionists to do away with life-long tyranny and give democracy a try. But isn't it up to the people of that land to oust the ouster and take their country into their own hands? The news coverage shows a mass of amateur liberators, wild and uncivilized, stomping through the streets. They fire their guns and they burn photos of their eccentric leader, Gadhafi. If this is their plan,then they must carry it out and follow through until the end. Democracy isn't something that is handed out like goodie bags at the end of a birthday celebration, the United States can't send in an army to implement it. There is a monumental price and the Libyans have to be willing to sacrifice their lives for it. Once there are no more bonfires or gunfire, they will have to deal with whatever rises from the ashes. They have been led by a military dictatorship their entire lives, just as it is up to them to overthrow Gadhafi, once they gain control, it will be up to them to decide what to do with it. Who will be their new leader? How will they decide? "Many more will have to suffer, many more will have to die." The world waits and watches.

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