Sunday, August 28, 2011

Come on Irene

Where would our beloved cable news channels be without the latest breaking news to harp on and spread like a virus in our television wires. A hurricane's a-comin'! A hurricane's a-comin'! So said the pied piper and his faithful and frightened followers flocked to grocery stores and gas stations. They bought ice and bread, canned foods and bottled water. They boarded up their windows and battened down the hatches. (Okay, I got carried away with that last cliche). The day was unusually gray and you could feel the storm, you could smell it. I watched CNN and MSNBC. I saw reporters clad in their rain slickers struggling to stand in demonic downpours and exhausting winds. "Broadcasting live from the eye of Irene, back to you in the studio." Then the rain traveled up the east coast and landed in my neighborhood. It was windy and dark, but the power was still on. I watched the mayors and governors do press conference after press conference and tell us all to stay indoors. They stopped mass transit in its tracks. They shut down airports, malls and restaurants. I was in my house and I felt safe. I was either in denial or too skeptical to believe a hurricane could take us down. Wait for it, wait for it... Irene has arrived! The breeze breaking in through my window felt like a vacation from heat and humidity. It was clean and refreshing, like bottled water on a thirsty night. I wasn't afraid. I woke up this morning and watched a little TV, I tweeted a few times, I watched the wind suck and blow my curtains against my window screen. And just when I thought Irene couldn't phase me, the lights flickered and the power went out. I reverted into a child and I wanted my mother. I hated the silence of the house, the hum of nothingness. Not having power leaves you feeling so helpless and alone. I drove through the hurricane and arrived safely at my mother's house. There were bright lights, there was warm food, television and internet connection as well. Despite whatever Irene's intentions may have been.... life was good. And it still is.

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