Monday, August 1, 2011

New Jersey, Same Drama

It's still winter in New Jersey, and the spirit of Christmas is in the air. The trees are lit and the presents are wrapped, the real housewives are living the "good life" in New Jersey. Even though the families have some stress and tension between them, they tried their best to make each individual Christmas morning special, and I think they succeeded. The children were happy and the wives were spoiled with gifts, some more than others. Melissa received Louis Vuitton and Rolex branded surprises, while Teresa and her husband exchanged meeker offerings: a simple cross pendant and a coat and gloves. Obviously, it's the middle of summer so it was strangely satisfying watching the families celebrate in snow covered homes. Next week, we watch them try to live up to their new year's resolutions. Caroline's throwing a big bash and everyone's invited. And that means everyone. Melissa resolves to keep the peace between herself, Kathy and Teresa, while Teresa maintains she wants nothing to do with her cousin. So it looks like 2011 is going to begin the way 2010 ended. Stay tuned...

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