Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Birthdays, Bombshells and Bankruptcy

It's time for Evelyn's 60th birthday and the sisters are happy to throw her a party she'll never forget. They all fly out to L.A. because it was just too cold in Atlanta and Tamar was more than excited to host everyone. We get to hear the sisters sing again and the talent is obvious, even if they may need a little tuning up. It turns out their individual relationships need a little fine tuning as well. Tamar and Traci just can't seem to get along and argue for a majority of the short stay. they argue about everything from marriage to what gift to buy for their mother, but in the end, apologies are accepted and the two find a way to get along again. We also learn that Traci's son is affected by juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and though she has shown that she has many issues, this could be a source for some of her bitterness and stress. Toni starts house shopping while there, she decides that she needs to be "back on the scene" and feels that Atlanta may be holding her back. Reality TV becomes the most real during this time because although Toni can probably afford to buy one of the luxurious homes she goes to look at, her bankruptcy prevents her from being able to make such a purchase. For now, she will have to rent. Now that's actual and factual. Next week, Toni may try to take her financial status into her own hands by considering posing for Playboy! Could this be a ploy to get us to tune in again? If so, they got me, I'm there...

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