Tuesday, June 14, 2011

These "Wives" Need a Life

I don't know if I can handle an entire season of Basketball Wives. Maybe I'll just watch whenever there's going to be a fight and then I can just comment on that. Oh, wait, there's a fight every episode, so that's not going to work. If you all like the show and want to discuss it, I'll bite the bullet and try not to dig my eyes out each week, but otherwise, this probably won't be part of my weekly reality TV intake. To see these grown women, who claim to be professional and "grown" argue over who's tweeting who and what they're tweeting about is embarrassing and quite immature. Evelyn accuses Royce of re-tweeting bad things that were being said about Jennifer, Jennifer lashes out at Royce for "following" her soon to be ex-husband on Twitter, Royce calls Evelyn a whore, Evelyn calls Royce a bum. It's no wonder Shaunie was nowhere to be found at this genius feast. The "bum" comment was laughable because, although each cast member is surely represented by their own individual agents, I'm almost positive they all relatively get the same paycheck and use their Basketball Wives fame to get paid as much as possible outside of the show. "You're a bum," Evelyn spats. "Get a job." I can't do anything but shake my head at the witlessness of all of these ladies. So again, I'll watch if the masses call for me to do so. Or I may just summarize every couple of weeks by ranting about these ridiculous characters. I'd rather watch Real Housewives of Atlanta at this point, where at least the ladies actually do have careers that don't rely on the money and notoriety of their famous pro-athlete boyfriends/husbands, and surprisingly enough, the ignorance level is much lower.

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