Saturday, June 18, 2011

The OG Teen Moms are Back

I've been seeing commercials on MTV for the return of the controversial series, Teen Mom. This time, they're bringing back the original cast. Can you remember them? I can only recall Farrah's name, then there was the red haired girl, also the one with the braces who gave her baby up for adoption, and of course, Amber. Amber the one who beat on her boyfriend, Gary, shacked up with her new man days later, and reportedly lost custody of her daughter. I've been watching these girls since 16 and Pregnant and have seen their babies develop, start walking, and say their first words, right in front of my eyes. Once MTV started following other 16 and pregnant teen moms, I started to get a sick feeling about the motivation for the show and what the producers sought to accomplish with it. Then were reports that some young girls were actually getting pregnant on purpose with hopes of being on the show. And with each new season, I decided, I would no longer watch the parade of dysfunction and immorality that MTV seemed to be proudly portraying. The pregnancies were not so much the worst of their behaviour, but the foul mouths, disrespect toward their mothers, and the lack of consequence that is displayed really turned me off. Is this a learning tool, or just another reality series filled with witless entertainment? There are real children -- babies -- involved here. Babies that are growing up on TV, surrounded by controversy and in a few instances, some evident cases of inadequate parenting. But with all of that said, I do not mind catching up with the cast that have been there since the beginning. I'm curious as to where they are now, I have no clue, since I don't read the tabloids that they tend to grace the cover of week after week. I want to see the babies, make sure they're doing well, and observe the dynamic between these girls and the people closest to them. So, although I'm almost positive I am against the idea of this show, I am not against catching up with the young ladies who started it all. Stay tuned for Teen Mom, starting back up in July.


  1. I too want to follow up with the original cast and see where the time off has taken them. Hopefully positive places. I have to admit, I have followed other episodes of 16 & Pregnant and other Teen Moms but this season I stopped watching. Enough was enough. I pray these young girls will see the real message not the"glamour" but what glamour I have to ask? Fighting with your parents. Watching how the baby daddy still lives his life while you are home with the baby and some of them are unable to finish school. Wondering what your future will hold without a diploma and you can't even study to get your GED. How are they missing the bigger picture? Girls pay attention to the real message.

  2. Right. I think the point of the show was to highlight the difficulties of being a teenage mom, but unfortunately it may have come across as glamourizing the life instead.