Monday, June 20, 2011

Casey Anthony, Mother of the Year

Have you been watching the Casey Anthony trial? Surely you've heard of the 25 year old Orlando mother who went on a partying and drinking spree (with the photos to prove it), hid from her mother and family, lied, stole, cheated and ran the streets all while her little baby, Caylee, was missing. For 31 days, her mother begged her to see her granddaughter, but Casey refused. Sadly, in December of 2008, six months after the child had last been seen, Caylee's skeletonized body was found in garbage bags dumped in the woods. Now the trial has just gotten underway. The state just finished their presentation and we are now hearing the defense. They plan to blame everybody but the Virgin Mary, and claim that Casey only partied and hung out with friends because she was programmed to hide her true feelings, as she was sexually molested as a child by both her father and brother! The defense claims that the baby drowned in the family's pool, and Casey was forced to hide the body by her father and keep the secret, like so many secrets kept in the family's dark and dysfunctional past. It's a lot to swallow and much to consider. I would give anything to be on this jury! They would never pick me, of course, considering I think this girl is GUILTY of everything they're accusing her of, if not more. Florida is seeking the death penalty, I don't think she'll get it, but I do see a conviction in this party girl's future. I hope her last dance was a good one. I'm on top of this trial and all the facts, I've got tabs on all the players and will be keeping you updated as we get closer and closer to Casey Anthony's judgment day.

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