Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sisters Re-Unite!

As all reality series when they come to an end must do, the cast of Braxton Family Values filmed their reunion show a couple of nights ago. Hosted by Wendy Williams, who actually looked toned down in the hair and make up category compared to the sisters and their mom, the girls chopped it up and reminisced on an interesting and admittedly an entertaining first season. There were some laughs and some hootin' and hollerin' and lots of confrontations and dramatics, of course. Cue Tamar Braxton. The first half of the reunion show seemed to be dedicated to her. Surprise, surprise. Trina spoke even more candidly about her DUI and the personal issues she's had with alcohol. Traci was able to get a little more of her feelings off of her chest. She spoke about growing up with the middle child syndrome (even though she is not the middle child). She said she felt like she had no voice over the years, and we already know the pain she feels when it comes to the other sisters getting record deals and going off on tour while she stayed behind to start a family. There is some jealousy there, I don't know if I would go so far as to say animosity, but Toni became a Grammy award winning superstar, Tamar went on to marry a very successful man, Towanda became Toni's personal assistant, and the whole family pretty much lives in Atlanta within close range of each other. One can imagine how out of touch and outcast Traci could feel. The most tear jerking subject for these girls is their father and the end of their parents' 35 year marriage to infidelity. Being preacher's kids, these girls (and their brother) were raised very religiously and brought up by two loving parents. To learn that their dad was cheating on their mother for the last 10 years of their marriage, and then went on to marry his mistress just 30 days after the divorce was final, puts the whole family in such a strain. All of a sudden all of these women, in their heavy make up, fake lashes and wigs, these grown ladies with their high heels and designer clothes, become transformed into heartbroken little girls who want only one thing in this world -- their daddy. Now, that's real. And it's relatable. Brings you back to the old adage, money can't buy your happiness. Vincent Herbert, Tamar's husband and Toni's manager, made a quick guest appearance and Wendy left us knowing that we shouldn't worry or miss these girls too much -- season 2 is underway. And I'll be here, hopefully you all will too!


  1. I will be watching season 2 and hope that Tamar is way more toned down...yeah right. LOL! Divorce truly takes a toll on a family no matter who you are and it still stings for the Braxtons. Love how you put the (brother).Wonder if he cares that he is not in the spotlight.

  2. I know. Imagine being the only boy in a family of 6! He doesn't seem to mind too much, IMO. He looks a little bit quiet and shy to me.