Monday, June 27, 2011

A Woman Scorned

My heart goes out to Drita. Usually when someone is consumed by anger, there is a layer of heartache underneath. This is apparent in Drita's actions when she physically attacks Karen at a dinner meeting attended by all the cast members. But we have to rewind a bit to get to the source of this altercation. Drita walked into a hair salon with her daughter just days before and her life was forever changed. A woman working at the salon recognized her daughter, Aleeyah, and called her out by name, thus beginning Drita's investigation into this stranger who turned out to be her husband Lee's mistress for a short period of time. For the first time, this tough girl, this boxer and fighter, famous for the quote, "I'll send you to the hospital" became fragile and alone in her plight. My heart broke for Drita as she cried for the viewers. All she has is her family and her pride and both may be taken from her. So knowing that her mental state is absolutely unstable, Drita calls for a pow wow with her "girls". She wants to confront Karen once again about her intonations that Drita dated Lee just months after Karen and Lee broke up. She also wants to make it known that she and Karen were not the close friends that maybe Karen feels they were. Renee is all too excited for this gathering; there's going to be drama and she feels it. She can barely contain herself and cackles at the thought of the impending chaotic night. Once there, Drita immediately announces that she wanted to speak to Karen and invited Carla and Renee to witness it. Then the Lee argument starts up again. Karen refuses to waiver from her original accusations, saying that she and Drita were indeed good friends and she was very hurt that Drita didn't come to her when she began to date and ultimately marry her ex. The back and forth was nothing we haven't heard before, and Renee and Carla watched the exchange like a Wimbledon match. Things got extremely heated when Karen jumped up to make a point. That's when, according to her, Drita blacked out and grabbed the first thing she could find to begin her assault. But let's back up a bit, during the verbal fight, Drita's eyes were actually welling up with tears. Only Carla could have truly known where that pain was coming from, and she should have taken Drita out of that situation, knowing that she was carrying such a heavy load. Every time Drita said the name Lee, I swear her eyes got a little more teary. So, even though she was fighting to defend her actions back then against Karen, deep down, I'm sure she was fighting for so much more. Carla, as her friend and confident, should have intervened and comforted her friend. Drita was merely masking her devastation with anger and aggressive conversation. We'll have to wait until next week to see the outcome of the fight. We ended with Karen on the floor, Drita on top of her and Renee in the position she cherishes the most -- the middle.

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