Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Teresa's Team Takes Over

*check back next week for another one of pheleshia's Real Housewives re-caps*

Ding….Ding…Ding…..the second round of the family battle royal has begun! Let's see the second episode of RHONJ and the reaction to last week’s family feud.  When we were introduced to the new players, I thought of something.  Is the series going for a family vision?  Everyone on here is now related. There are at least two sets of actual family relationships on here.  Will this make for better reality T.V. or do they want us to think this way so that we don’t continue to call “their” show fake? I think I may be on to a conspiracy. Anyway, the aftermath of the Christening is unfolding and we are privy to the opinions of not only the housewives but what seems to be all of New Jersey! I mean, even the people putting on the "Posh" fashion show had an opinion! As we get involved in the outcome of one family's battle, the other stays quiet and content.  Rightfully so, as I think that Caroline would go off, like back in the Danielle days, if her family was in a situation such as this one. As I reflect back there was however one thing that annoyed me in regards to Caroline's family. Does her son really think that "Cajun" is a language? Does she think this also as she laughed along with him without correction? What an insult to people from the south. I don't want to hear "I have Cajun friends", you know the statement that people make after they have said/done something to offend another race/ethnicity. In my book there is just no excuse!  Ignorance aside, there is so much to cover from the beginning to the end of this episode so in order to keep focused I'm going to highlight my do's and dont's of the interactions between Teresa and her family members. Beginning with the do's.  Wait there were no DO's!  What I can say is DON'T talk about how important family is Kathy and then wait to talk about an important "family" matter at a social gathering! Then you act shocked when you approach the person poorly also attacking her mothering skills! You thought she was going to give you a hug? Kathy has issues along with everyone else. Her husband is strange as well (I'm not going there tonight though, that's for another night.) Another DON'T is DON'T say you want an apology but say that you are not going to say anything to the person you want it from and be upset when they don't apologize!  Come on Melissa you even know that Teresa was not going to come and apologize to you. I don't think that it is because she doesn't want to but because she's scared of rejection! Acting aside, because we never know, it seems as though she truly wants a relationship with both her brother AND sister in-law.  It still boggles my mind to see that no one has reached out on a one-to-one level.  If they have in the past, no one is talking about it so in my opinion it hasn't happened. Next week we prepare to see the aftermath of Kathy and Teresa's conversation at the fashion show (once again wrong place, wrong time) and the ongoing battle between Teresa and her brother. Surprising enough, it seems as though a letter plays a role in the episode. Too bad the other ladies don't! Let's keep it real, do you remember seeing what is going to be going on with Caroline and Jacqueline? I don't, but it doesn't mean that I'm not going to tune in to also see what is going on with them. Until next week keep rocking Jersey style.

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