Sunday, June 12, 2011

Girl Fight! (again)

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We return to the Sunday dinner from HELL! Recapping the words that lead to an all out physical altercation between Renee and Carla, we begin to see a possible altercation between Karen and Renee. This is just all ridiculous! Carla, don't be mad because you may be hearing the truth about your man! Go take that same anger you are feeling towards Renee out on HIM! As I said last time, it is not cool for my man to touch my friends butt.  What's wrong with you, Carla? Are you scared to be treated with respect? What your man is doing is not respectful at all!  Turning to the other side of the friendship square, we find Drita and Karen.  Renee is right these two need to settle the score.  Lee is once again the topic of conversation as Drita confronts Renee for discussing the situation Carla. In this instance I feel that Renee never should have discussed this situation with Carla. We all knew that Carla was going to run back to Drita. I guess though that's where Renee just doesn't give a f$*k! However, I feel this was the factor that brought the issue up again and eventually allowed it to be resolved. At least we will see if that's actually the case in the upcoming weeks. Now that everyone made up it was time for the aftermath! This is actually the part I like to see the most. We all know that Karen and Renee are going to get together while Carla and Drita do the same. It's hard for me to believe sometimes that they are all truly friends! They seem to put on fake faces to interact with each other and as soon as their backs are turned they all retreat to their cliques and talk about each other. Once again resembling reality... don't act like you don't do it with your friends!  Continuing the focus of relationships, we were able to see Carla prepare for her ex-husband Joe's release from prison and Renee explore tools to begin dating.  Hopefully we get to see the interaction when Joe comes home, especially since his son needs that attention, and Renee overcome her fear of dating... or letting go of her relationship with her ex-husband.  Truthfully, I don't think that Renee will ever be able to let go of him.  Time will only tell or at least next week will! Tune in as we see Renee tell the others of her plans to continue a relationship with Junior.

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