Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Real New Jersey Crew is Back!

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Returning to New Jersey for another highly anticipated season of RHONJ. We find our regular players: Caroline, Teresa and Jacqueline -- minus Danielle. So, where are we going to find our drama? Who is going to be the scapegoat? I guess Danielle just couldn't take it anymore.  One can only guess who may ignite the fire as two new faces, Melissa (Teresa's sister-inlaw) and  Kathy (Teresa's first cousin) are added to the Real Housewives mix! It doesn't take even five minutes to see that Danielle is not needed for drama to erupt. Teresa's family takes on this task and executes it quite well I might add! As adults, they couldn't have addressed their family members in a more appropriate manner at a baby christening. Teresa's brother and his wife's side of the family showed no class, but then again neither did Teresa's husband! I'm saddened by the events that took place not because of the fact that I'm on anyone's side, but because it seems as though no one calls the wrongs done by anyone on either side of the family drawn battle lines.  From the conversations between the family members it seems as though this animosity towards each other has been brewing for sometime. Why didn't they have a Sunday sit down? The intensity of the fight at the christening seems to make a statement that a sit down may not be an option.  Aside from saddened, I also get a bit angry at the excuses that are used pertaining to the relationship between Teresa's brother and father. I don't understand how someone can make excuses about not being close to their parent that they love so much because of another. Nothing could keep me away from my parents! Interestingly enough, I don't see where he is distanced by his father. I guess we will see as the season progresses. The season opener focused on how Teresa and her family keep talking about each other. It is obvious that they want to be close. Melissa kept identifying the things that Teresa did wrong the day of the christening, but acted as if she cared nothing for Teresa. I don't know about anyone else, but I don't consistently talk about people I don't like. We can say that they talk about each other as a spin for the show, but I believe that it's something they do all the time! This season seems as though it is going to focus on family ties, mainly with Teresa's family, and the things that happen everyday in reality.  I hope that over time Teresa's family can resolve their discord, but I know it's not something that is going to happen on camera.  What I hope to see this season is the interaction between all the ladies and their friends/families and how the introduction of Teresa's family members plays out.  Nevertheless, I hope the new cast members and the tie to Teresa does not overshadow story lines of the other NJ housewives!

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