Friday, July 1, 2011

Parties, Punches and Politics as Usual

Week 2 of 'Challenge: Rivals' is here and the cast is ready to play hard and win some money. The girls are safe this week, so the pressure is on the boys to do well or get sent into "the jungle". There's nothing but game play on these guys' minds, as they basically all want to scheme on how to get rid of CT, the obvious threat to the entire group. I must say, being that I am so against these sort of football jock, captain hero, look-at-my-body types; it was nice to see Kenny lose the challenge and have to go into the elimination round. He came out clean as a whistle though, so I have to hand it to him for fighting hard and winning his way back into the game by beating Tyree and Davis in a tough, physical match. The girls decided they wanted to get rowdy in this episode, but not until they had their fill of the infamous MTV open bar. The altercation was pointless and immature. Someone called someone the wrong name and it was a screaming match after that. Young Princess Jasmine even decided to punch a mirror to prove that girls from Houston don't play that. Sigh. Next week CT uses his body and his brain to intimidate his competition. If he can do it without being drunk and belligerent, my respect level for him will only continue to rise. See you then...

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