Monday, July 18, 2011

Christmas in New Jersey

Can I just start off by saying that the commercials for Real Housewives of New Jersey sometimes end up being more captivating than the show itself. And can I also ask a question? What exactly does Teresa's brother, Joe, do for a living? That house is like 7 episodes of MTV Cribs. Well, it's Christmas in July for all of us watching RHONJ and Joe and Melissa are having a huge holiday party. Their mansion is absolutely beautiful. The decorations are on point. The food is delectable and the guest list is perfect for an evening filled with tension and theatrics. Teresa's cousin Kathy knows that she and Teresa are not on good terms yet she makes it her number one priority to fight her way through a crowd to say "hello" to her. Though she may say her intentions were pure, she must have known that there's a time and a place for everything and this confrontation fit in neither category. Teresa blatantly brushes her off and Kathy runs off to cry and whine to anyone who will listen. Then you have Kim, who shows up with the lawyer who is suing Teresa and her husband. Why, Kim? Oh yeah, because you hate Teresa and you love the drama even more. That's why. Luckily, Joe and Melissa, as hosts to this event, did the right thing and politely requested that Kim and the lawyer leave, and they pretty much refuse! This is just Part 1 of this merry meeting, never fear -- the chaos will continue, and per usual, the scenes for next week are even better than tonight's full episode.

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