Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Unfinished Business: Mob Wives Reuinion

It's the end of another season of yet another exciting and emotional reality series, Mob Wives. The last episode left us with Drita on top of Renee on top of Karen. Carla was in her usual role, off to the side; dull and unmemorable. It was expected that host Wendy Williams would ask about the fight, and even more expected that we would hear the name Lee come up repeatedly. Karen and Drita still refuse to agree on what their friendship is or was when Drita married Lee. I don't think either one of them could come up with a general definition of the word friendship itself. Renee answered questions about her cosmetic surgery obsession. She often tweets about seeing her plastic surgeon and brags about getting work done. If I was anywhere near Renee's plastic surgeon, I would tell him to drop the knife, I would then tell her to get some help. Wendy asked a pretty obvious question of the ladies: how can you all afford to live and maintain this "lifestyle"? Karen was most honest and answered by saying she has gotten a book advance and money from doing the show. Renee basically told America to mind its business and not to worry about her money. Carla updates us on her relationship with her now-free husband, Joe. They are not together and will only remain friends. She has, however, broken up with her boyfriend from the show -- "The Groper". She didn't make herself out to be any more intelligent or respectable by defending his actions yet again and brushing it off that he may or may not have touched her friends inappropriately. And how hilarious was it that she was willing to accept that he might have "handled" everyone on the cast EXCEPT for Renee. Oh no, he would never touch her! Last but not least, we learn that Drita is going to end her marriage to the unfaithful and ever-incarcerated, Lee. And I'm sure we will see that and even more drama play out in the anticipated Season 2!

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