Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Troubled Teen Moms

This week Amber and Gary are playing cat and mouse with not only the local police department, but Child Protective Services as well. We all remember last season and the inflamed and out of control fights this young couple used to get into. Amber was highly volatile and would explode at Gary in a moment's notice. Gary would be quiet and sheepish and walk away after being verbally and sometimes even physically abused by the woman he loved and made a child with. Now those very actions are coming back to haunt Amber, and she can blame Gary all she wants but her behaviours prompted many viewers to be shocked and outraged. "If a man had punched and kicked a woman like that on television, he would be under the jail." So it looks as if Amber must lay in her bed of self-destruction and although Gary has done nothing but try to keep his family together, I believe a piece of him is satisfied that Amber may have to face some form of punishment for the hurt she has caused. Ryan and Maci made the mature decision to have Kyle and Ryan shake hands in a civil meeting. In the end, it is best for Bentley that these two be cordial and respectful of one another. I disagreed with Maci telling Kyle that he was more of a father than Ryan ever was. She has to give credit where credit is due. I take Ryan's age into account for his lack of support and demeaning attitude towards his ex, but as of late, I think he was shown some quality parenting and a great interest in his son. Farrah has to deal with her daughter's paternal family as she gets to know Sophia's grandfather and step-grandmother. At the same time, she is getting ready to fight her daughter's biological grandmother for grandparents' visitation. It must be difficult to hand your child over to people who appeared to show such lack of care and concern, but there may not be a choice, once DNA proves the child does belong to their deceased son, Derek, and the courts step in and hand over their orders. While I don't blame Farrah for wanting to keep her child to herself and her family, as long as Derek's mother has good intentions, she should open herself and Sophia up to meeting as many family members as possible. The more love you can provide to your child, the better. Catelynn and Tyler deal with Tyler's father, Butch, being released from prison and it still bewilders me that the adults in their storyline continues to smoke in front of that poor little boy. Next week we shall see what the rocky future holds for Gary and Amber and the rest of the Teen Moms.

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