Friday, July 1, 2011

It's All About Family, Or Is It?

*this is pheleshia's newest addition to her Real Housewives of New Jersey re-cap. Make sure to watch every week and discuss it here!*

Thanksgiving.....a time for sharing traditions, stories and lots of food with family and friends.  As we experience this timeless tradition on RHONJ we see how lack of communication can continue to affect families.  Jokes aside, referring to the bull riding and the silly features of Kathy's husband (OK maybe that was a low blow but he looks funny to me), the show kind of left me feeling empty. There wasn't much substance tonight! I'm beginning to think that this family feud is being drawn out for all the wrong reasons, as with any reality show. How long does it take Joe to really reach out to his sister? How long are they going to keep talking about talking to each other then turn around and talk to others about each other? I can't imagine that no one inside the family has figured that out and tried to resolve the situation.  At this point I do have to give credit to Melissa though. She seems to be encouraging her husband to take a positive stand on reconnecting with his sister. She seems to be able to relate to the fact that family is important; especially siblings.  I think that Teresa's brother may hold onto the grudge.  I only hope that the encouragement that his wife is giving him works.  I would personally like to see them work it out, as I have said before.  However, if the childish antics continue then I would have to say that we may never see the beginning stages of reconciliation.  Keeping it real, let's revisit the fact that the family continues to go at each other "tit for tat" when they feel as though they have been wronged by the other.  What ever happened to speaking your mind, at the right place and time, instead of being passive aggressive?  There are more than enough children in this family that are in need of role models! It's too bad that there aren't any available for the children to look up too. I can't seem to think of anyone in the "Teresa" family that has been able to live up to the role model standard since the show has begun.  It's sad. As we begin to move on in the season I can only hope that we see a brighter future for this family.  However, if the drama doesn't continue I'm not sure what will be the future of the show in general.   

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