Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Judgment Day

I'm not sure if I'm ready to write about this yet, not sure if I have even digested the news. Casey Anthony is not guilty on all counts concerning the death of her daughter. The girl who left her parents' house on June 16th, never to be seen again until July 15th... without her daughter. The daughter who was mysteriously found 6 months later in a swamp basically, completely decomposed, reduced to a bag of bones and a dirty pair of shorts. They say you can't deliberate based on emotion, but when the jury got this case yesterday at noon, I could have sworn they had much than emotion to work with. It's a circumstantial case, yes, but the average Joe would never do the things Casey Anthony did during those months when no one knew where her daughter was. I suppose one could conclude that the jury sent a message today. 'Give me more.' 'We need more.' 'So what if she's a liar? A liar does not a murderer make.' Of course we don't know for sure what that jury was thinking, as they blew off the media and boarded their bus to take the four hour trip back to their homes. By next week, I'm sure they'll all have their agents and PR personnel. They'll be ready to write their books and give their interviews by then. And by then, I won't be interested in what they have to say. Since they weren't capable of handing down the correct verdict, God will do their jobs instead. I gather that's the way it should be anyway. People get away with murder. It happens. That's where the saying come from, I suppose. He's so spoiled, his mother lets him "get away with murder". She's a teacher's pet, she "gets away with murder". So Casey Anthony becomes this decade's OJ Simpson. You can play the race card, you can blame the media, you can say there was no proof. But I know where my kids are and I know they're safe and if God forbid they ever get hurt or disappear, I'll be reaching for the nearest phone to call 911, not for the nearest garbage bags and duct tape.

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