Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Rookies Make a Sound

Congrats are in order. Rookies Jonna and Jasmine beat veterans Sarah and Katelynn in tonight's Jungle elimination. And I say good for them. Apparently, they were thrown into the jungle simply because they voted against the grain last week by choosing someone other than the BMOC's first choice. They stood by their vote and they went for what they believed in (or they voted for who they thought was the sexiest). Either way -- they not only showed the vets that they had a voice of their own and weren't afraid to use it, but that they could go into a brutal challenge and win. The majority of the vets disgust me. They only root for "their" side, they show no support to the teams they don't like and their faces are so sour and ugly when the opposing team does well. I've always hated the voting and the unwritten rule that everyone must vote the same OR ELSE. The veterans seem to forget season after season, that after the rookies are gone and the unpopular ones leave, they soon will have to turn on themselves. But as the years go by and these older players age and get rusty, the fresh new flesh may just get a chance to turn the tables by winning sooner and staying longer.

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