Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hate and Basketball

The girls are in Italy on a "get away" of some sorts, I'm just not sure what it is they are trying to get away from since they packed all the drama and excess baggage and brought it with them. Royce is the only one excluded, which is, according to her, no skin off of her back. The rest of the ladies (term used loosely) are going to have to try to make it through this trip with their friendships and integrity still in tow. Meeka desperately tries to get Jennifer to affirm that their relationship is valid, but Jennifer refuses, stating repeatedly that she doesn't really know Meeka to make an opinion either way. Tami has already made her feelings known on that subject: she does not and will not ever like Meeka, nor will they ever break bread or be friends. And speaking of friendships, we are waiting in suspense for Evelyn to confront none other than Jennifer on something so shady and unexpected coming from one of these besties. Jennifer does a radio interview out of state and rags on Chad Ochocinco, Evelyn's fiance. She calls him a media whore and dishes on Evelyn's relationship choices. Ouch. Evelyn's handling of the betrayal is suspicious as she tells everyone but Jennifer about the interview and then once she hears it for herself, invites Tami and Shaunie to be there when she asks Jen about it. Evelyn's pent up anger is apparent as she plays the audio to a silent and long faced Jennifer. Jennifer tries to stick up for herself, telling Evelyn that this is how she feels and it shouldn't be news to Evelyn as she has told her these things to her face. Sorry Jennifer, but you're definitely in the wrong on this one. Jennifer looks like she is about to crumble to the earth as she bows her head in shame while Evelyn rips into her. She tells her their relationship will never be the same. While I can understand someone wanting the best for their "friend", and being concerned about a poor mate choice, I cannot see a reason to air out dirty laundry and give negative publicity to that situation. Not only has Jennifer been adverse to Evelyn's relationship, she's never even asked to see her engagement ring, which leads me to believe concerned might be the wrong word to use here. Jealousy might be a better way to describe Jennifer when it comes to Evelyn's engagement.


  1. Just my opinion, but I dont agree totally. I think what Eveyln and Chad had is temporary and wont last. I dont "feel" the love when I see them, more like silly lust to me. I find Chad to be inappropriate, competitive and a bit self absorbed and Eveylyn is the epitome of looks dont mean everything. Her soul is cold. Her daughter said it best when crying about Antuan not coming to her graduation, she said "because nobody likes you". Jen is not my fav, I feel that Evelyn is too aggressive towards Jen when they disagree and thats not a "grown woman" friendship, more like "please like me!", sad!!

    Again just my opinion.

  2. I believe that Chad and Evelyn will get married and it will be a huge televised event on VH1. Everyone will get the money and the exposure that they're looking for and then it will be over quicker than you can say Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. Oh and btw, your opinion is always welcome here! Thanks for the comment, keep watching and reading. :)