Sunday, July 3, 2011

Real Life Reality TV: State of FL vs Casey Anthony

It's hard to believe that after almost 3 years down to the day that Caylee Anthony went missing, we are finally at the end of the murder case against her mother, Casey. The defense presented their closing arguments today and although they did a decent job at reminding the jury why they feel their client is not guilty, nothing can make me or most of the people I know who have knowledge of this case, forget those 31 days. Those 31 days where we learned that Casey was partying, dancing, getting a tattoo, committing check fraud, stealing from her family and friends to get by. Those 31 days where her daughter was nowhere to he found, but Casey's behaviour and party girl style never wavered.  She was at every party, drink in hand, smiling like she was living a beautiful life. And that's exactly why she got that tattoo on her back: "Bella Vita". Casey seemed to be indeed living a beautiful life without her child. And whenever her friends would ask where Caylee was, she always had an answer. Those infamous 31 days that would have turned into 41 or 51 days, had her mother not gotten involved by calling the police. So when the police asked her the very same thing -- where is Caylee? -- it's no wonder that Casey had an answer for them as well. And now that she is being charged with her murder, Casey says her daughter drowned in the family pool on June 16th, 2008, yet she sat back and watched as the entire nation searched for Caylee, after leading her parents to believe the child was not dead but kidnapped by her long time nanny, Zanny. For 6 months the world became obsessed and some people downright fell in love with Caylee Anthony. Her bones were found in a dump site, literally a minute away from the home she barely got a chance to grow up in. Her mother is facing the death penalty, and though I don't think she'll get it, I believe this jury will find her guilty of first degree murder. There is no bloody weapon here, no smoking gun or eye witness account, Casey wasn't caught red handed and there will be no confession. But the one thing these jurors do have is their common sense. They will ask themselves, if their child died, would they be caught on camera that same night skipping through Blockbuster, renting videos with their latest beau. They will ask themselves if their child drowned in a swimming pool, would they stuff him or her in garbage bags and drive around with the body in their trunk until the smell of decomposition got so bad they ultimately dumped the body in the woods.They will ask themselves those questions and although they won't know exactly what happened to Caylee three years ago, they'll know and understand that she's dead and based on her bizarre actions and nonchalant character, only her mother could have had something to do with it. Guilty, guilty, guilty.

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