Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bombs Away

*pheleshia updates us on citizens who find explosives and take the matter into their own hands -- literally!*

 I first want to say to the readers that I apologize for talking so long to get back to you in regards to the topic of the grenade being found by a couple in Connecticut. Just as a recap, a couple in Old Saybrook, CT found the grenade and brought it to the police station in an attempt to provide safety to others. Report by Sgt. Kevin Roche of the Old Saybrook Police Department indicates that "A couple was cleaning out a deceased relative's house, and they came across what they believed to be a hand grenade. They wrapped it up, put it in their car, and brought it here to the police station for the police to dispose of," (information provided by wtnh, channel 8). Thoughtful on their part, but definitely an unnecessary act! Unfortunately, this report does not inform us of why the couple did not simply call the police. However, as I researched further I was able to uncover other interesting facts. First of all this couple is not the first to engage in this act of thoughtfulness. Secondly, this happens in other parts of the country more frequently than we may think and third, (a fact which I was aware of) the police are not equipped to handle explosives…… the BOMB SQUAD is the division that needs to be called in for these types of situations. In past years there have been many other individuals that have felt as though they should bring explosives to police stations, instead of calling 911. There was a recent incident on February 28, 2011 where someone brought an explosive to the San Marcos station in San Diego, California and another on December 11, 2008 where someone walked into the police station in Riverside, California and placed a grenade on the counter (again in California… I noticing a trend here?) The police in both situations reported that individuals were not charged and were just being good citizens. Do you agree? How can we begin to let people know that this is a serious matter (something that they should already know)? The police have even had to remind people that if they encounter any form of explosives they are to leave them where they were found and call 911. This is something that I DO NOT have to be reminded of at any point in time! I have and always will make sure that the police are utilized and earn their daily paycheck. At the end of the day we need to remember to use our common sense in situations. My mother would argue with me about this statement because she has always told me that in life “common sense is not so common for others.” However, if we do not begin to use this sense we could end up putting ourselves and other in serious danger. So I leave you with this thought…..if we continue to ignore the factor of danger how protective are we being of ourselves and others?

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