Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Out of Africa -- the Battle Over Barack's Birth

I never thought we'd get this far into this presidency and this deep into our nation's woes and still be asking the question: where was Barack Obama born? There are people who long to discover the truth as they would like it to be. They bring their tricky translators to Kenya to interview the African family of our president. They twist the words of his paternal grandmother and announce that she admits she was present at Obama's birth -- in Kenya, not Hawi'i. (We later learn that there may have been a miscommunication and it is said that this same grandmother insists she was misquoted and that her grandson, our president, was indeed born in the good old United States.) Fast forward to Donald Trump, this nation's most famous CEO and now maybe a strong contender for the Republican nomination to this nation's highest office. The cynic in me can only hope that Trump will actually run for president. While he makes a mockery of our election process and himself, President Obama can sail right into a second term and continue his work and dedication to getting this country "back on track". The idea that our government, on either side, would not only allow for a black man to run the country, but just happen to let it slide that he wasn't even born here, is a ridiculous notion and impossible to imagine. Obama was put into the position by his political predecessors to be our leader long before any of us even knew who he was. These people have people who know people. Hiding the birth location of one candidate would be as impossible as hiding another candidate's teenaged daughter's pregnancy. We're going to find out about it sooner or later. Trump has given interviews to every morning talk show, every cable news channel, and he almost always lets this "birther " issue dominate his entire campaign strategy. He stands firm on it and dangles a thread of mystery in front of America's face, stating he is working on uncovering his truth and that we will hear about it when the time comes. Although he does sometimes touch on other pertinent matters, it baffles me that Trump will not spend more time discussing real world problems along with his ideas for the country and its future. If this is all the Republicans have to offer, Trump, an extreme right wing tea party and Sarah Palin -- yikes-- then we can almost guarantee that the Obama's will be in the White House for another four years in 2012.


  1. A few thoughts to consider in relation to your post:
    What is it that makes Trump a "serious" contender for the office of presidency?
    Do YOU take him seriously? So what makes you think any republican, conservative or voter opposed to Obama takes him seriously?
    Did you ask any non-Obama voter if they did? No. You let Chris Matthews tell you what republicans want. Perfect.
    But why is he suddenly a candidate to be viewed seriously?
    Is it because a few lefty Obama cheerleaders in the press keep asking him questions for him to dig himself deeper into a political hole from which recovery is unlikely? Is that what makes him "serious?"
    He has never held office before.
    He has never even run before. But suddenly, he is a "serious" contender? Do you even know who the other options are on the republican side? Repeating what the media say doesn't make it so. They WANT Trump to run so they can talk about his failed business, his affairs, his hair, and whatever else it is that no working person with bills and a tax burden cares about.
    No serious person who realizes what is at stake in the next election takes Trump seriously. Some may take some of the issues he raises seriously, which is why anyone is even paying attention to him at all. The deficit, the budget, spending, the cuts, the future of healthcare, the tax laws and loopholes - all are issues I hear everyday people talking about. Not this fraud's birth certificate. Nobody - except those in the media and democrat operatives - cares about this or sees it as an issue. Anybody who won't vote for Barry because of this birth certificate thing was probably NOT voting for him anyway.
    It is actually a clever technique - before your opponent can get into substantive issues, keep getting him to talk about folly. this way he loses all credibility. Magicians do it all the time. Don't watch the hand with the coin in it, look at something else, be distracted. that way you wont see me putting the coin in my pocket. Magic 101. Politics and media malpractice 101. You yourself wrote that the idea that he wasn't born here was a "ridiculous notion and impossible to imagine."
    Then why give it so much ink and air time? Because it discredits any contenders, right? I'm on to you.

  2. Well after this morning's press conference battle, maybe we should ask our PRESIDENT why he's giving this thing any airtime. I'm almost disgusted that he did it. Released the long form of his birth certificate. Held a press conference and everything. But I do like what he said. The birthers and closet birthers should feel ashamed. It's time to get serious. Enough of the side show and circus foolishness. Some say Trump is "the man" for making Obama give in, I say I kind of wish Obama was born in Kenya. Imagine the big reveal on the last day of his presidency. Obama yelling, "I'm RICH, bee-yach!" as he waves a Kenyan flag from his motorcade. Now... onto more important issues, Mr. President, show us your high school report card. smh