Sunday, April 17, 2011

This Ain't the Jersey Shore

*pheleshia intends to get to the bottom of this CT news story, so look out for what she finds out next*

REALLY....REALLY??? As I begin to write this blog I think to myself... did I really just hear that? Was that really just a news story? Recapping this story I have to say that this is a serious matter due to the fact that someone could have been badly hurt. However, I have to ask how many of you would know what to do if you found a grenade? And no, you are not on the Jersey Shore!  If you responded, drive it to the police station, then you have failed and would need to rethink your answer and the dangers of making this your final answer.  The news informed us last night that this is just what someone did after finding such a dangerous item near their home. As the shock and disbelief begins to wear off I ask myself: what made someone decide to do this?  What happened to 911? Was there a holiday for dispatch which left the phone lines unmanned for the day?  I definitely don't have the answers in this situation but I wish I did!  Curiosity continues to manifest as I blog more about this story. I mean, don't you want to know what the police said to them as they described the nature of their visit to the station? For myself and those that ask the same questions, I am going to do some more research! So stay tuned fellow blog readers... hopefully I will get some more information to let us know what was ticking in the mind of this person as the grenade was being turned over to the authorities. As for the individual that completed this act of bravery.....I am glad that you are safe!

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