Monday, April 18, 2011

Gary Gets the Axe (finally)

Gary Busey was fired on this week's Celebrity Apprentice. Some would say it was long overdue, but it was apparent Donald Trump believed in him and was in some kind of warped awe of what he kept referring to as Gary's "genius". So he remained until last nights cooking show challenge. Gary's uncontrollable ramblings and annoying unprofessionalism sent him packing when the men lost to the women. The teams had to market a line of meats and food products (brought to you by Omaha Steaks). They produced a cooking show type of infomercial where they had to prepare meals and sell the small studio audience on the product. The women got along for the most part. Star was in position as usual (behind a computer spouting instructions and over talking the real Project Manager, Hope). NeNe was sassy and cold, and then later wonders why she has a reputation of being just that -- sassy and cold. She did seem to be working hard on her cooking segment. The team of women all complained that Latoya talked like a little girl, but she is a Jackson and her whole family talks like that.  Although, the business executives didn't like that the women continued to chant "Omaha", when the name of the company is actually Omaha Steaks, they liked the women's energy and ultimately gave them the win. The men were a bumbling mess, although I must admit, Meatloaf was cooking his rump off and performed well while fighting back his urges to grill Gary Busey right there in front of the execs. I agree with most, it was Gary's time to go but, I can't let Lil John and John Rich off the hook. They basically threw the challenge, barely lifting a finger, walking around aimlessly as their Project Manager went down in flames. They knew that if they lost, their chances of getting rid of Gary would be very high so they definitely lacked in the areas of support and determination. That was shamefully unforgivable. No matter what, you should at least try to win.

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