Thursday, April 28, 2011

"The Tamar Show"

I know family love is unconditional but, Tamar would make it hard for me. This weeks show was mostly about Tamar and her rants and raves, her jealousy and self-esteem issues, and her obsession with money and class. Not a good look for the youngest (and loudest) sister in the Braxton bunch. She's stated many times in the last three episodes that she wants a record a deal and is tired of being known as Toni Braxton's sister. She tries her best to bully her record label exec husband either by verbally attacking him or by batting her falsies. Either way, he's standing firm on his answer. He'll give her a contract, but it has to be under his rules and regs and she will not have the control that she mistakenly feels she is ready for. Therefore, Tamar has not signed this contract and remains wealthy, married and miserable. She has a know-it-all mentality and a teenager's temper. It was Toni Braxton's birthday, and the girls were in Miami. They bought their sister a special gift, but Tamar was so engulfed in her own fantasy life, that she went looking for the same pair of sunglasses for herself once they got home. They walked the red carpet at a Dolphins game, and Tamar complained when the announcer only pointed out "Grammy award winning" Toni's name. I have to admit, this one was a little upsetting to watch. Especially the part where Tamar sat at Toni's birthday dinner table and proceeded to read each sister and insult their relationships with their men. "You have a husband who cheats, you have a husband who is a computer nerd and cheats on line, you have one who just wants to live off your name..." Not an exact quote, but pretty much how she said it. I don't know how those women sat there and tolerated this little girl's abrasive comments and opinions. I guess it leads us back to that unconditional love theory. Or maybe there is some sympathy mixed in as well. Toni called her "New money" a couple different times as Tamar made fun of her for still shopping at Target and Walmart. At the rate Tamar is going, she better hope her husband continues to appreciate her for being a "pretty wife" because she could end up ringing her sister up at the register the next time she shops there.

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