Thursday, April 14, 2011

Heavy Headline

This is in regards to the case of the New York mother who drove into the Hudson River killing herself and 3 out of her 4 children.What convinces a mother that death is the only remedy when her heart and/or mind is ill with worry, heartache, or stress? Reports claim Armstrong argued with the father of her children just before this happened. He allegedly had been cheating and she supposedly made a statement that if she were to die, she was taking her children with her. Is Lashanda Armstrong a selfish woman? A mentally unstable person who could have been diagnosed and treated? A doting mother who wanted to save her children from the evils in this world? The black and white of it all is that this woman chose to die, but her babies did not deserve to drown in that river where the waters are cold and unrelenting. It's possible this could be a case of "You cheated on me and I can't handle it, but if you think I'm gonna die and leave you and your new mistress to raise MY kids, you've got another thing coming!" Kill the kids to hurt the parent, it's a common theme in many recent headlines. But I turn my attention to La'Shaun, 10 years old, he fought back against his mother's plot and said, "No, I will not die with you." He escaped the rolling coffin and was rescued as he shivered on the shore. My prayers are with this whole family, but especially this young man, this brave boy, who chose life when his mother, his God given protector, illicitly resolved to take it from him.

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  1. Such a sad story and what will this poor boy's future hold when he has memories of escaping death by the hands of his mother and although what she did is unspeakable, she is still his mother and he will miss not having a mother. I don't even want to think about what he saw and heard. His poor siblings. I pray he has a family member with a stable home, waiting to take him in.