Thursday, April 14, 2011

Real World in Rewind

*this will be a recurring series, written by Pheleshia every Thursday, so stay tuned!*

Tonight we saw the Real World get really expensive.  Snack in hand, I sat back appalled as Adam once again demolished the HARD ROCK but won over another chance from his roommates to remain in the house, minus one -- Leroy!! Leroy, who if you ask me, was the only roommate with two feet in reality! Adam does have an issue and he should be "let go", as one would from a job in the real "real world".  WTH is wrong with MTV? Would they let one of their employees get away with this? I guess so... as Adam is one of their employees! I know, I know, they say all these things make for good TV... but for how long? Why have we gone from the RW days of Kevin and Heather B to the days of names of people we may forget 5 seconds after the reunion ends?? So all in all, what was learned from tonights episode? Adam having to leave may have seemed harsh but the HARD ROCK made a decision while MTV sat around like parents who don't know what to say to their out of control children.  Next week we will see what happens when the new roommate shows up and we go from the " Real World" to the "Bad Girls Club".


  1. Unfortunately I do not watch the real world but hoping you will have weekly posts on other reality shows. God knows I watch enough of them. I should be ashamed to admit that in writing.

  2. Don't worry, we will! Stay tuned sophieh!