Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hip Hop Out of the Box

Last week's episode left us wanting more as Chrissy (and the rest of us) awaited Jim Jones' answer to the age old question, "Will you marry me?" He looks down on her, as she sits, tears streaming over her painted face and, as he stares lovingly into her dramatically lashed eyes he says... "You sure you wanna do that?" BUZZER! Wrong answer, Jim! Let's try this again. She answers by stating, "I can't see my self with anyone but you." How romantic. Jim, in his powerful pink polo, smiles shyly (or painfully, I can't tell which) and says, "I'm with you." BUZZER AGAIN! I guess that's as hard as it's gonna come. There was no yes or no, just an acknowledgment of what Chrissy must already know. Jim loves her and he has her back. But will he marry her? The next scenes are of Jim showing off his ring to the camera and his friends and family and I can't help but to think that there's something wrong with the picture. Cut to Chrissy's confessional and she tries to explain away her proposal. She claims that it's just a fantasy that us girls grow up with, the man down on one knee, confessing their eternal love and proving it with a diamond and a kiss. She says she's not waiting around for a fantasy and while the rest of us daydream, she's going to go out and get what she wants. I'm not buying it Chris. Some may see a woman proposing to a man as a modern move, an act of love that transcends all gender. I see it as an act of desperation. If there is one tiny drop of old fashioned values and tradition left in this world, can it at least be that? I'm not saying Chrissy is a desperate woman, but she most certainly felt pressured during this time and we all know what desperate times call for. So they are engaged, but not planning a marriage any time soon, and contrary to my opinion, which matters not to their situation, I do wish them all the best.

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