Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bye Bye Idol

Tonight we say goodbye to Paul, the bearded, lanky, scratchy voiced idol contestant. (I was wondering how much longer he was going to be on the show.) There will be no tween girl tears from me tonight over those results, matter of fact, I wouldn't shed a tear for any of them, as they all will be on tour this summer and if they're smart enough, they'll find a way to profit off of this opportunity when it all simmers down and they return to their regular lives and mansion-free hometowns. I'm just glad Jacob was safe. Jacob and Haley. I don't think Hayley understands how talented she really is. The scat/jazz duet she did with Casey was just a glimpse at her potential. I hope someone worthy and with good intentions snatches her up when this is all said and done. No one should be surprised that James and Scotty were safe. That rock and country vote is stronger than Ryan's desire to be taller than Rhianna. As for Stefano, he's been in the bottom a lot and needs to figure out who is fan base is so he can cater to them and hopefully get them to pick up the phone. I hope Jacob isn't afraid to let loose next week and take us all back to church with him. I really feel he's been holding back because he thinks America won't "get it". Just loosen up, but tighten those vocals, Jacob. Yes, even I sometimes think that you can be "pitchy". Until next week...

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