Saturday, April 30, 2011

Everything Means Nothing

I'm not going to lie to you, folks. Although I had heard about the tornadoes ripping through the south, I really wasn't paying very much attention.  Afterall, we've been seeing patterns of natural disasters as of recently and it really isn't very difficult to dismiss something or become immune to a situation when it's not in your own backyard and doesn't feel like it's directly affecting you. After seeing days of royal wedding coverage, I was able to finally digest the hard facts. I felt like Obama touring the areas of devastation. I went online and watched cable news coverage. Then I felt like Bush after Hurricane Katrina because days had gone by and I had done nothing. Where is Kanye to announce to the world that "Chenna doesn't care about southern people"? I've been in my own bubble. I let the news filter through me and now, I am broken hearted as I try to pick up the pieces of what I've missed and figure out how I can catch up. My house, my car, clothes and shoes mean nothing. This I know. And this is not something that I just learned today, I've always been aware that material things are just that... materials. But there are people who have truly lost everything, so it's not a bad idea to revisit the fact. In the Bible, Jesus tells his followers that he will return but not before a few things happen first.  "Nation will rise against nation... there will be great earthquakes, and in various places famines and plagues..." He says these things must happen so therefore we shouldn't fear them. It's all a part of something greater to come. This can't be something easy to hear when your house has been reduced to rubble and your loved ones are missing and/or dead. I feel thankful for my life and my worldly possessions during this time, but more importantly, I am so grateful for the things that I cannot see or hold: my faith and my God, and the power of prayer, which as a nation we can use to heal the world.

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