Monday, April 25, 2011

Return to the Hard Rock

*Lets return to the HARD ROCK hotel for pheleshia's weekly dose of hooking up, drinking and mayhem.*

 This episode finds a new roommate raising the feathers of the girls in the "foul coop"! Heather Cooke joins the MTV RW gang as the havoc that led to Adams departure settles. Heather, who goes by her last name "Cooke", is the daughter of a U.S. Naval officer and a native Filipino mother. She is an avid and passionate soccer player who has won numerous awards for the sport. This, in my opinion, is one of the catalysts for also pulling her closer to the males in the house. Prior to moving into the HARD ROCK home, she lived and worked in Washington, D.C.  As she joins the other roommates we observe the warm welcome from the gentlemen while some of the females decide to not be so gentle. The decision to not be so welcoming is not held by all as Heather decides to give Cooke a chance and not follow in the footsteps of Nany and Naomi. As they spend some time trying to figure Cooke out, Cooke engages her own battle with the girls and stands her ground. She shows us that she can stand her own and is not afraid to speak up and out for how she thinks and feels! Cooke is definitely underestimated and her personality is stronger than imagined. She even starts some drama when she begins on a mission to break up Heather and Dustin as a result of her own attraction to Dustin. As she continues to stir up the emotions of the female roommates the men take time to get to know her and show her some support... to the dismay of the females! The actions of the male roommates later on cause an argument that has many triggers! These triggers include Naomi being upset about Cooke’s interaction with Leroy, to there also being retaliation from Nany due to the fact that she is upset that Cooke has taken Adam’s spot in the house. The men have identified these factors, while the women use the fact that Cooke has made statements of breaking up Dustin and Heather, as the real reason for these arguments. I completely agree with the men, this is all about their own feelings! Overall, this episode wouldn’t have had any substance to it if it wasn’t for the arrival of Cooke! She brought the fire to the episode and I believe will continue to do so in weeks to come. The girls in the house need to stop being so childish and allow for the true reasons for their dislike of Cooke to surface. As we saw in this episode they were only able to confront her as “liquid courage” reared its ugly head again. In the weeks to come I wonder if they will continue to feel this way about her and actually do something about it! What I feel is going to be interesting is Cooke’s reaction to the new drama that is going to engulf the show as Dustin’s escapades previous to joining the show, which are viral, are brought to light. Also, the intimate relationship between Heather and Dustin becomes compromised as a result of this. The upcoming episodes seem to be filled with the typical story lines of possible pregnancy, fist fights and nights of dancing and alcohol. However, the discussion of Dustin’s actions is what is going to hold my attention for the weeks to come.

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