Friday, April 15, 2011

Video Game Vixen - MJ the Experience

Michael Jackson The Experience came out this Tuesday for the XBox 360 Kinect and I knew this was a game that I had to have, I had to master, I had to "experience" right away. I got it today and as the familiar songs and addictive beats began to play during the intro, that bittersweet feeling of admiration and grief immediately came over me. It reminded me of when I went to see "This Is It" in the theaters on the night of its release. The entire audience was a concert crowd, the movie screen brought a dead man back to life and we sang and cried and celebrated. It was that night that I realized how much I am in awe of this man. There are barely words to describe Michael Jackson. Legal troubles, financial woes, skeletons in his shimmering closet -- they all can haunt his name until eternity. Michael will, ultimately, live on and live strong through his artistry and music. Right now, in this moment, to me... that's all that matters. Now the video game is a little tricky (for me at least), especially if you're used to Dance Central. I had to pull out the instructional booklet and study a few things. After that though, I was in practice mode and learning the moves of a mysterious magician and crooning along to the songs that the whole world can sing. The absolute best part of this game was when Michael appeared at the beginning of the first song I picked to dance to. He was in a glittering glow, statuesque, bedazzled in one of his signature poses. It was at that moment that I felt his undeniable presence in my under-sized living room. I thrust my hips forward, and told the world to "Beat It".


  1. As I played this game tonight there were moments when I compared it to dance central but as the night wore on and the more we played, I love this game! Janee chose a song and at the end of her song she struck her pose and Michael appeared. Jaden thought I was crying. I wasn't but I was definitely filled with emotion but as jaden is here singing will you be there, I definitely have tears in my eyes that may fall.

  2. It's a great game! Takes some getting used to, but that goes with the territory of any new video game. I'm gonna keep playing til I get those steps for "Remember the Time"... lol. Michael is still the man and this game helps to keep his music new and fresh.