Monday, April 18, 2011

Loving Love & Hip Hop

Today we see a sobbing, emotional, and unsure Chrissy. She's the girlfriend of rapper Jim Jones, who has been honest in stating that she's been with "Jimmy" for six years but has no ring and no babies to show for it. Chrissy has been a source of toughness, the strong black woman type who says what she wants and tells it like she feels. But Chrissy wants to get married and the thought of spending her life with the man she loves and says is "worth it" softens her up this week and shows us she is vulnerable and just as submissive to love as the rest of us. She actually goes to the family jeweler, designs a ring, and buys it with plans to get down on one knee. She intends to propose to Jim herself as she feels that if she doesn't do it, it will never happen or it might just take too long and she's ready now. Welcome to the new millennium... tradition is dead. We will find out Jim's answer on next week's episode. Olivia, the defunct G-Unit songstress, is preparing for her showcase and listening party. She will be singing songs to an audience littered with record label big wigs. She knows that this may be her last chance to be taken seriously as a solo artist and disrobe herself of the labels from her past that she longs to transcend. We don't see Somoya Reece this week and just get a slight glimpse of Emily, who shows up to Olivia's show to confront her once again about last week's altercation between all four cast mates. Talk about the wrong place and the wrong time, Em! Olivia walks away to focus on her big night and the show ends with a cliffhanger... Chrissy on her knee, ring in hand and Jim Jone's looking a million and one different emotions.

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