Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mama Mafia!

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The music to the season opener of Mob Wives begins to creep through my television speakers and I anxiously wait to find out the true focus of the series.  Who are the main players? How did they end up on the show? Most importantly how did the mob agree to this? History has shown us that the mob doesn't tell secrets much less admit that such a thing as the "Mob" even exists. In this episode we are introduced to Karen, the daughter of famed snitch "Sammy the Bull" Gravano. Renee, daughter of Anthony "The Little Guy" Graziano, advisor to a crime family. (It turns out her sister is the creator of the show and their incarcerated father has stopped speaking to both of them.) Then you have Carla and Drita, both married to New York convicts who are currently serving time for their various crimes. They all have a significant tie to the mob in one way or another. Immediately these ladies roles are outlined and the drama ensues. Karen's return back to the "Island" from her comfy home in Arizona and Renee's animosity towards her sets the stage for the season premier.  Now I have to say that I do not blame Renee for her feelings because she knows nothing else other than the oath of protecting family. Don't we all? One may say not to this level, but then I ask to what extent would you go?  On the other hand, I understand the point of view from both Drita and Carla who are willing to give Karen a chance. I applaud them for going against the grain and taking more time to process the situation. Not many of us would do this. Instead we just go with the majority. I personally feel as though the majority is not the rule! The drama seems to make for reminiscent scenes in many of the reality shows on T.V.  However, as the cameras roll I realize that these ladies are dealing with something that the other shows rarely capture... the real world!  I can't remember the last time a reality show reflected on the TRUE aftermath of someones actions.  There is no staged house without TV, cell phones, and children with only "liquid courage" to bring an issue to the point where physical altercations ensue. It's quite the contrary. These ladies share with us how the serious crimes of their family members, husbands and fathers, continue to affect the lives of all loved ones even years after the crimes have been committed. The brief intro to where the ladies come from gave me a chance to speculate on the premise of the show and where the focus may be throughout the season.  As we watched the closing segment we were able to quickly view portions of this seasons episodes; which included arguments, crying, strangulation (yes I said strangulation) and even laughing.  While the credits roll to close out the show, I think of the episodes to come and the fact that even though the secrets of the mob may not be the main direction, showing the impact that the mob way of life has had on these ladies will be the an ongoing overarching topic.

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