Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2 Down, 2 To Go

After being interviewed by 3 past CA winners, Lil John and Meatloaf were fired this week. Joan Rivers, Piers Morgan and Brett Michaels made an appearance to help Donald Trump widdle his Final Four down to just two finalists. Lil John was asked the age old question: Who should win? And he made the age old mistake by not including himself. He answered by saying John rich and Marlee Matlin should win because they made the most money. No one wins these type of shows without being confident and sure of themselves. and then there's Meatloaf, who couldn't stop crying and crying... and crying. He was fired for emotional vulnerability and alas, we have a task! Marlee and John must come up with a marketing campaign for 7 Up Retro, using themes from the 70's and 80's respectively. Of course, past players were brought back to assist the two and were chosen in a school yard pick. Latoya Jackson, Meatloaf and Richard Hatch went to team Marlee while Star, Lil John and Mark McGrath played with John Rich. I thought both teams got off to an amazing start, brainstorming and doing their best to work well together. John Rich was able to secure Dee Snider of Twisted Sister, as an undeniable icon of the 80's this was a very smart call. On the other hand, Marlee wasn't doing too shabby herself, recruiting Geoffrey Holder, THE voice of 7 Up (the un-cola) in the 70's. Now it's time to shoot the commercial and design a new can and for the campaign, but this wouldn't be good TV without a snag in the process. On one side, Lil Jon is running out of steam and John Rich is running out of time. Meanwhile, Marlee's team is devastated with the news that Geoffrey Holder will not be making his appearance due to contractual issues! We'll have to find out at the finale next week whether or not Team Marlee will be able to pull this off, as having Mr. Holder there would truly be an exceptional and irreplaceable part to her quest for the title.

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