Saturday, May 14, 2011

Psychics and Sidekicks

*Mama Mia! It's another one of pheleshia's Mob Wives write ups. Join in the conversation, don't worry, the feds aren't watching! lol*

Mob Wive's begins as Drita tries to make up with Renee, Karen begins to show her true colors as an instigator and Carla plays on the sidelines (as usual)! Somewhere in between I anxiously await to see the outcome of the argument that is too take place as Renee's ex-husband comes to her rescue. Tensions begin to mount in the very beginning of the show when Renee is reminded by Karen what Drita had said the night of Carla's party. You know... the statement where Drita said that she was going to wring Renee's "dumb **** neck".  In this situation if I'm wrong to say instigator let me know! Why did Karen choose to say that as Renee was going to have dinner with Drita? Is Karen jealous? Karen states that she shouldn't have reminded Renee... I don't believe it!  I feel that Karen has plans that includes her wanting to be the HBIC. That's possibly her focus along with her writing her book. I feel as though she has a plan to divide and conquer!  She did in fact say that she would take Renee's side in a battle! What battle? She must mean the one she may be a part of creating due to continued to feelings of betrayal from Drita. I can't wait to see what could be the premise of a battle between herself and Carla! Nevertheless, after psychic intervention, Renee invites Drita for a sit down to resolve their issues.  Now why did it take a psychic to tell her to have a sit down with Drita (or the "Aquarius"?) You want to end bad karma but you just don't know how too, so you need a psychic to tell you? I guess only in mob land! The outcome of the meeting between Renee and Drita turned out well. I must say though, Drita has SOME REALLY BAD ANGER ISSUES! I think I could give her a diagnosis and a referral to see a therapist -- it's that serious.  I could never imagine saying to someone that I felt like driving my car through their house! As the episode came to a close, we saw an example of the closeness that still exists between Renee and her ex-husband as he came to her defense. This was gentleman-like of him, but weren't you just arrested in the last episode? Does the word "FEDS" ring a bell to you? Renee should have known better, but I guess it's hard for someone who still considers themselves a "mob princess". Karen put it best when she said that Renee needs to get away from that mentality. In the end we see the disagreement play out in a mature manner and as the credits roll we get a first look at next week episode. Yet another fight seems to ensue, this time between Drita and Karen over the contents of Karen's book! Do we really need to fight over the stuff that may be coming to light anyway due to the show? 

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