Friday, May 20, 2011

The Final 2!

I was just as shocked as Haley when Ryan didn't call her name. Her face was priceless, shock and anger, and maybe a little attitude as Lauren turned to embrace her when the results were announced. Scotty was never an issue for me or the voters, he breezed right into the final 2 and was the first to be called to safety. That left Haley and Lauren and I was really pulling for Haley. The difference between her and Lauren is like comparing a high fashion model to a pageant queen. Lauren is polished and clean, singing her safe country ballads like a pro -- teen-aged yet seasoned. But Haley is edgy and wild, her scratchy voice was jazzy and modern. She took chances and belted out songs that were reminiscent of an old blues singer trapped in a young girl's body. Can you tell I'm a fan? Haley will be missed. Now it's country boy vs. country girl. The young and the popular. While both are extremely talented, I predict Scotty will take it all the way. Either way, I'm not particularly excited about this finale. I haven't been overly interested since Jacob started losing momentum and was ultimately voted off. I will be watching next week though, finales can be intriguing and fun and I can't say I'm not a bit curious as to who the winner will be. So meet me here next week and we can discuss the results!

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