Tuesday, May 3, 2011

NeNe Loses It, the Rest is Hopeless

The task this week was to put on a hair show... but wait, before the teams could even branch off and begin to brainstorm, NeNe Leakes shows her truest colors. She towers over the rest of her team, explosive and irate. She complains that Star is manipulative and "backstabbing". She states that Star dictates who the Project Manager will be each week and everyone just bows down to her command. She calls Hope a puppet and says the rest of the team may be afraid to stand up to her, but she will. However, with all that being said, NeNe still tells Mr. Trump that she will take the job as PM. So even if Star is all that NeNe says she is, looks like it's working. I still don't understand why NeNe was so upset. If she didn't want to be Project Manager, she should have just said no. Calling her teammates puppets and weak players wasn't exactly the best way to start off a challenge, but to me the worst offense was doing in front of Donald Trump, THE CLIENT and the men's team. NeNe was classless and laid it out there for all to see, unprofessional and loud, she displayed all the traits of the stereotypical angry black woman. It was hard to watch. She should have been fired on the spot, I say. This may be reality TV, but what prospective employee would act like that in front of her potential boss, and what respectful employer would observe such nasty behavior and not show the offender the door? But firing NeNe wouldn't make for good TV, now would it? Fast forward to the task at hand and you'll find the men working well together. John Rich and Lil John have a great bond, and their minds are creative and work fast. For example, John Rich picks up the phone and calls Nikki Taylor, an ex-member of the girls' team, and asks her to model in their show! Brilliant. Meanwhile, on the other side, Hope remains quiet and doesn't defend herself, Star is devilishly smirking, knowing that she is on the right track... the track to winning the whole show. NeNe seems stressed out, but being miserable usually leaves you that way. Shoot to Trump's office, and who should saunter in but Latoya Jackson. She's back to ask for a second chance, and Trump, admitting that he's "never done this before and will never do it again", obliges and puts her on the men's team! After the hair show performances, the men's team wins and NeNe promises, as she had throughout the entire program, a blowout of a showdown in the boardroom. So I pull up my chair (not literally, I was on the couch) and I get ready to witness NeNe embarrass herself. I expect her to scream and carry on and use the word "backstabbing" as an adjective. But, stop the presses! A crawl appears at the bottom of the screen that the President has an announcement to make and will be doing so very shortly. I never imagined this mystery message would take place in the middle of the boardroom deliberations! Of course, the news comes to us that Osama bin Laden had been killed in Pakistan and sadly, we were never returned to our regularly scheduled program. The president, by the way, never took to his pulpit until after Apprentice would have been over, but the networks broke in to the show anyway to recycle the same news over and over until Obama finally confirmed it to be true. *sigh* American media: "You gotta love 'em." I do have to admit, the irony of the President cutting Trump's tv show short after all that birth certificate nonsense was fitting. I learned later that Hope was ultimately fired. That leaves Star, NeNe and Marlee on the women's team and Latoya Jackson, Lil Jon, John Rich and Meatloaf on the men's team. I'm almost afraid to see what's going to happen next week...

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